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The Magnolia Heart Team makes it easy to find the right nanny for your family.  Finding the right nanny is not easy.  Sure, there are some good online resources out there, but it can be overwhelming and extremely time consuming. When finding someone to care for your precious children, you don’t want to cut corners. 

A recent search of the Jacksonville, area showed that there 2,184 nannies available. That’s a lot of nannies!  Essentially, parents must take on the daunting responsibility of the entire process of filtering, contacting, screening, interviewing and, finally, deciding on the right nanny for their family.

Here’s where the Magnolia Heart Team comes in.  Whether you are looking for a live-in, full-time, part-time, date night, hourly-rate or family share nanny in the Jacksonville, FL area – we have you covered.  

How is Magnolia Heart different from all the other nanny placement agencies?

Magnolia Heart takes pride in referring only the most qualified, dedicated nannies that match your family profile. Our nannies are enthusiastic, trustworthy, and reliable professionals who have been thoroughly screened and trained. Families pay their nannies directly and our agency does not take a cut of the wages, this means families pay less and nannies earn more!

How will Magnolia Heart make the nanny placement process seamless and hassle-free for my family?

After you complete your family application (below), we will set up a family consultation in order to discuss the placement process and create your family profile. A non-refundable retainer fee of $300 is due at this time. If you hire a Magnolia Heart Nanny, the retainer fee is applied towards any agency placement fees.

Magnolia Heart prescreens all nanny candidates to make sure they meet your specific requirements and the stringent requirements of the agency.  At a minimum, all nanny candidates must pass criminal background checks and possess certifications in CPR and First Aid training. Also, we conduct face-to-face interviews with each nanny candidate and verify education and references.  All candidates will complete special needs awareness training and take the Magnolia Heart Nanny Pledge, a commitment to provide first-class service and place your family first in the most professional manner possible.

You may have the opportunity to interview two or three nanny candidates that we think match your family profile.  Prior to your interview with the candidates, we will provide you with an interview questionnaire card as a guide to facilitate your interview with each finalist.  Once you have made your selection, we will schedule a meeting to sign the contract and finalize the nanny placement process. The remainder of the Agency Placement Fee is due when the contract is signed.

The placement process may take 1 – 5 weeks. Let’s get started today! Choose us, Bloom with us!



Live-in Nanny lives in your home and cares for children during specified hours. Magnolia Heart Live-in Nannies are willing to commit a minimum of 1 year with your family. Families must provide the Nanny with her own bedroom and meals. This is a salary position, and requires a nanny contract to establish expectations between the Family and Nanny. We offer 1 replacement nanny at no additional charge within the first 90 days if there is an unresolvable conflict.

Starts at: $3400


Full-time Nanny lives outside of the family household and typically works 36-48 hours per week. This is a salary position, and requires a nanny contract to establish expectations between the Family and Nanny. We offer 1 replacement nanny at no additional charge within the first 90 days if there is an unresolvable conflict.

Agency Fee: $2800


Part-time Nanny typically works 15 – 35 hours on a fairly predictable schedule. For those families needing before/after school care, or needing care only 3 days per week from the same Nanny, a Part-time Nanny may be just what you’re looking for. The Nanny is paid an hourly rate based on experience, education, and training.

Agency Fee: $1800


Family-Share Nanny is a Magnolia dedicated Nanny shared by two families. The Nanny may care for the same children in 2 households (if parents are separated) or allow neighbors, friends, or family members with like aged children to share a nanny. This is a salary position, and requires a nanny contract to establish expectations between the Families and the Nanny. We do not match families.

Agency Fee: $1400 per family


A Magnolia Heart Temporary Nanny is available for families looking for a nanny on a temporary basis (90 days or less). Whether you need a Nanny to accompany you on a business trip or vacation, or to help out in your home after surgery or the birth of a new baby, Magnolia Heart can provide a temporary nanny to meet your needs.

Please call for quote: 1-800-460-9201

A.M. Nanny/ P.M. Nanny

For those families who need a nanny for less than 15 hours a week to help with the children before or after school, Magnolia Heart offers A.M. Nannies and P.M. Nannies. An A.M. Nanny will come to your home to get the kids breakfast and help them get ready for school or daycare. Nannies can take the children to school or see them safely on the school bus. A P.M. Nanny can pick the kids up from school/day care and transport them to their after school activities. They can also get them off the bus and fix a healthy after school snack while helping them with homework. A.M. and P.M nannies work up to 18 hours a week with guaranteed pay.

Agency Fee: $1300


Summer Nanny is a nanny that only works during the Summer, lives outside of the family household and typically works 40-60 hours per week. This package comes with a contract, extensive background checks with DMV history.

Agency Fee: $1400

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